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After nine years of dominating the competition in International Formula One Air Racing, breaking 16 world speed records, acquiring numerous international awards and having the race plane, Nemesis retired to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum; Team Nemesis decided it was time to share some of their secrets.

Presenting Nemesis NXT

Nemesis NXT (Neoteric eXperimental Technology) is a two place, retractable gear, single engine, kit airplane of all molded carbon fiber construction allowing a very sleek aerodynamic profile.

Powered by a world class Lycoming TI0-540-NXT engine and a Hartzell Three Blade Propeller, Nemesis NXT is a high performance, breathtakingly personal transportation and racing airplane available in kit form.

The NXT is a precision handcrafted, high performance kit airplane, built with the highest quality materials.

Each NXT receives meticulous attention in every detail.

The Design

The design of the NXT is a result of extensive wind tunnel testing, thorough computer modeling, coupled with nine years of experience (and success) of the race plane, Nemesis.

The NXT is designed for fast, easy assembly because of the Perfect Fit Technology™ (PFT) that is incorporated into each kit, the time spent to assemble the NXT is greatly reduced.
For every hour that Nemesis Air Racing, Inc. utilizes the PFT, hundreds of hours are saved for the NXT assembler.
All components of each kit are handcrafted and keyed with PFT.
NXT components are NOT massed produced.
Each NXT receives PFT ensuring ease of assembly and fast build times.

Not only is the NXT designed for fast assembly but also for very high performance.
NXT is not for every pilot. But for every pilot who wants the feel of a fighter and jet-like speed, built with the technology of proven success – NXT is handcrafted for you!

And there is even room for an adventurous friend & an overnight bag!
Mojave Airport
Saturday, June 5, 2004

Some comments from the roll-out day...

"This is really that plane on steroids, we are really pleased about the potential performance of it,"

Jon Sharp
"It looks like it's going fast just sitting there, its almost sharp aerodynamic design, whose exterior beauty makes up for its barren, no-frills interior"

"It looks like a lot of fun and it looks like it'll go really fast,"

Burt Rutan

Highest quality materials

The plane is unique in the fact that it is made almost entirely of carbon fiber with the exception of the engine mount, the landing gear and a few other small parts

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