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The Nemesis began as a dream in a garage.
It came to life as a few individuals dared to believe in that dream. It has succeeded because the team continues to believe that the quest is more important than results, that continuing to raise the bar in aviation is vital to its growth, and that racing must always demonstrate what can be done, not what has been done.
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February 04
Nemesis Air Racing Presentation
Jon Sharp will talk about his air racing career at
West Valley Flying Club, Sun Village Recreation Center, 17300 N. Sun Village Parkway, Surprise, AZ

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405.9 mph! 10-28-2015
One more new world speed record for Team Nemesis. This 405.9 mph record is for the 15 km C1b , which is the “light” category, 1,102 - 2,205 pounds for plane & pilot combined. The 15 km requires two passes, then the speed of the two are averaged for the record speed.

Speed records don’t come easy and this one record provided tremendous information about how impressive the plane is, what an incredible team, and how fantastic the Lycoming engine performs! This speed was derived without any ADI (anti-detonation injection) and the engine cylinders and oil were running cool as if the the engine was waiting for more throttle! What is more astounding is the top speed Jon reached in the 15 km run was 435 mph at the very end of the record run. He did slow down in the middle of the last run to avoid a flock of birds.

The plan was for Jon to turn onto the 3 km C1b course after the 15 km run and attempt that record run again. Team Nemesis already owns the record for the 3 km C1b at 393 mph, but felt that the Jon and the plane could increase the speed substantially, but that idea was soon abandon. Sharp radioed down to the Team at the finish of the 15 km and said the plane is scary fast and that he has had enough fun for the day.

So the Team is proud that during all this record run event, they accomplished 5 New World Speed Records! Of the five records, three were over 400 mph. Impressive!

As a recap, the New World Speed Records are 3 km C1b at 393 mph (old record was 388.5 mph), 15 km C1b at 405.9 mph (old record 378.7 mph), 3 km C1c at 415 mph (old record 390.5 mph),
15 km C1c at 407 mph (old record 376.2 mph) and 100 km C1c at 397.2 mph (old record 364.2 mph).

Photo Credits go to Oliver Jevremov
On Hold! 10-03-2015
Thunder storms throughout the Moriarty, NM area halted the remaining record attempts today. The dream doesn’t stop here. Team Nemesis will be back in a couple of weeks to conquer the last two records, the 15 KM and the 100 KM C1b.

To date, Jon Sharp flying the pink beast, NemesisNXT, broke four of the six records, the 15 KM C1c at 407 mph, the 3 KM C1c at 415 mph, the 100 KM C1c at 397.2 mph and finally the 3 KM C1b at 393 mph. Not bad for a week of dominating the skies of Moriarty.

So stay tuned.
393 mph, 3 KM C1b!!!! 10-02-2015
What a flight today! 393 mph! Another new record, but this time in the 3 KM C1b, the lighter category (1,102 - 2,205 pounds).

This record is amazing in so many ways. This flight was done without any ADI (anti detonation injection), a solution of methanol and water that is used to ultimately increase horsepower capability. ADI was always a staple in the engine when Sharp raced the NXT at the Reno National Air Races. But because of the weight category for the 3 KM C1b, Team Nemesis had to sacrifice the ADI tank and computer, which sits in the co-pilot seat. So what this flight means is this is the speed Sharp can comfortably cruise in the NemesisNXT day in and day out. More importantly, the cylinder and oil temperatures were very cool, the engine purred and the Sharp knew that there was so much more power available.

This is the first time that Jon Sharp has ever flown the NXT plane at those particular power settings without ADI, so no one on the Team had any idea what speed the airplane was capable of. They do now! Fun!

As a final note, this speed could have likely won the Reno Sport Class Gold race in 2015.

Photo credits: Oliver Jevremov
One More! 397.2 mph!!!! 10-01-2015
Last night was a late one for Team Nemesis preparing the plane for today’s 100 KM C1c record run. The Team worked diligently on the engine to squeeze every ounce of horsepower out of it, and after two engine runs, the Team was finally satisfied.

And they should be! Sharp captured yet another World Speed Record in the 100 KM C1c category (weight between 2,205-3,858 pounds) with a speed of 397.2 mph! That is 9% greater than the previous record of 364.2 mph that was set two years ago.

This is Sharp’s third World Speed Record this weekend in his blistering fast NemesisNXT! Earlier in the week he seized the 3KM C1c with a speed of 415 mph and the 15 KM with a speed of 407 mph. But the mission is not accomplished yet! Sharp wants to conquer the 3 KM C1b (1,102 - 2,205 pounds), the 15 KM C1b & the 100 KM C1b.

There is more work to be done! Stay tuned!

Photo credits: Oliver Jevremov
415 mph! 09-30-2015
During the 3 KM C1c record attempt on Sunday, Sept. 27th (seems so long ago) when Jon captured the 420 mph record, the official data recorder lost some of the data. Although, this happens from time to time, Team Nemesis decided to repeat the 3 KM C1c run to establish a “clean” record. Well… clean record accomplished at 415 mph!

Sharp makes these records look so easy, but it’s not! Today’s weather was far from perfect with immense haze, creating extremely bumpy conditions. Moriarty Airport is a difficult airport to see from the air on a beautiful sunny day, but add some haze and not completely familiar with the area, makes a 400 mph plus pass through the 3 KM course down the runway a challenge, to say the least. Awesome pilot skills, fast plane and determination is what it takes to accomplish these record setting goals.

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